Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Specific Carbohydrate Diet- Part 1

After reading the book, Breaking the Vicious Cycle, I have decided to give this diet a try. I do want to state that I don't believe it will "cure" my disease but I do think it could help me in many other ways.

I spent a few hours searching the internet for testimonials from anyone who felt they were cured from Celiac's Disease after being on the diet for a length of time. Nadda, zippo, I couldn't find one. There were many people who had been on medication for other problems who were able to go off their medications but they stayed on the diet to maintain that effect. To me a "cure" means you no longer have the disease but I think the author uses it very loosely here meaning you no longer have the symptoms of your disease.

I did spend one day on the introductory stage (jello from fruit juice and chicken with broth and carrots). I am carefully moving on to the other stages (no grains but lots of meat and veggies). No foods have bothered me yet, in fact I feel energetic and I am finally off the sugar and not craving it. My plan is to stay on this diet dairy free for 2 weeks and then try the homemade yogurt. I have not been able to tolerate any kind of milk; cow, sheep, or goat for the last 18 months but I am hoping the SCD will change that. If after 2 weeks I still cannot tolerate the yogurt I am going to wait another 2 weeks and try it again. At that point I am hoping I will be able to eat everything on the diet and enjoy the yogurt and cheese.

Another experiment! I think that is the theme for my life the past 2 years. I will keep you posted!


  1. Hi Karen! Somewhere, deep in the recesses of my menopausal brain, I remember this book. I will look for it. I think there might be something to her theories, now having said that, I am still not convinced it can heal celiac - simply because of the genetic predisposition of celia disease. On the other hand, anything that helps is a blessing! I do not miss gluten any longer - have made so many wonderful recipes that taste even better - don't you think? I still get caught up sometimes on the emotional level particularly when visiting family, or trying to find a "safe" restaurant. Still working on that emotional level. I look forward to your progress on this diet, also,
    what kind of yogurt machine do you have? I think cuisinart makes a good one - this too I will look into. Thankyou for all of your info!
    Blessings, Ina Gawne, Westcoast, B.C.

  2. Hi Ina,
    Thanks for your comments. I have felt a real difference after a week of being on this diet. The eczema I have had since last October seems to be clearing and I have had no bloating or soreness which I used to deal with often. I know what you mean about eating out and with family, it is the only time I really feel stress about my diet. My daughter just got married and I think my new son-in-law really things we're crazy too!

    I just purchased a Salton yogurt maker. I took the time to look at all of them and couldn't find one with all of the details I was looking for. What I liked about the Salton I found in a comment on Amazon. You can use a quart size glass jar instead of the plastic one it comes with. I really wanted glass, but I wanted to make a large batch too. I will post about making the yogurt and my reactions.

    Good luck to you in your endeavors!


  3. Hello, I know it is way past when you posted this, so please forgive my question. I am just wondering if you go into any more detail anywhere about what health issues you had? I have pretty severe chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, lots of chronic infections, among other things, and just going grain-free didn't help at all. Just wondering if you have had similar problems or know of anyone who has been able to get better from these with SCD. Thanks!