Thursday, June 25, 2009

What to do?

I love this picture, if a goose could have an expression this one does. If the pictures on my blog seem a little weird sometimes, well they are. I got this great tiny camera for Christmas that I keep in my purse and when something interesting happens I try to snap a picture. It is becoming an obsession with me. I think this goose is asking, "what should I do"?

This post was originally going to be about my experience this last weekend at a family reunion. I was going to ask you how to handle the dreaded summer bbq ala gluten and sugar in everything! But it has changed, I just read a great post by The SCD Girl and her Kid, Everything in Moderation and I have completely changed my mind on what I was going to say and how I am going to handle this situation in the future. No more eating before the party so I am not hungry and not eating at the party. No more leaving my healthy food at home. No more eating in the car by myself either.

If you are frustrated with the people in your life that fill up on high carbs and junk food, then complain about their health, an invitation to a summer bbq is a great time to bring a few dishes and share your food with everyone. Who knows maybe it will start a conversation about food and how good you feel and how excited you are about your new life. My suggestion is to show up looking great, bring some favorite dishes, smile a lot and let yourself shine. I think example is the best teacher.

Looks like I answered my own question. Thanks SCD Girl.


  1. Yay! Thanks for reading.

    Last Christmas I made a Thanksgiving dinner for my family, since they weren't there for the actual Thanksgiving, and I really wanted to try to make a turkey. :) I made turkey, baked apples, green beans, a jello mold with diluted grape juice and bananas, and pumpkin pies from butternut squash.

    All of the food I made was SCD legal and they loved it! They were especially impressed by the pie.

    Now my mom tells people about how easy it is to make gluten free dairy free soy free sugar free stuff that tastes great.

    Real food tastes good. Who knew? ;)

  2. I always try to bring something I can eat...I want to enjoy myself too. Sometimes my food is the hit of the party. People seem to absolutely love it or completely sneer at shades of gray. Most kids will gobble of my son's strawberry chips (dehydrated strawberry slices) so we make extra when around other children.

  3. Mrs. Ed and SCD Girl these are two great examples, it can be done! Thanks for giving me support through your stories, I am on a new mission.