Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Book Review: Mimus

I love to read in the summer when it's so hot in the afternoons that even in an air conditioned building you still feel sticky. My problem is finding a good book, you know the kind I am talking about, where you read the first few pages and then can't put it down. You read in every spare moment you can find and almost can't sleep till you finish the book and if you do fall asleep you dream about the characters.

Mimus was a book like that for me. My 16 year old daughter suggested I read it after she finished it and now my younger son is taking his turn. It is classified as a Young Adult book but hey..I just turned 40..I can use all the Young anything I can get. Mimus is the story of a young prince who is captured by the enemy kingdom and forced into being a jestor in the court of the enemy king while his own father(and king) is locked up in the dungeon sentenced to death. Anything more and I will be giving too much away. It was a very engaging read and perfect for the lazy days of summer, I will be reading it aloud to my youngest son next. What books have you been enjoying this summer?

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