Thursday, August 6, 2009

SCD Tin Foil Dinners and Cobbler on the Fire

Everything and I mean EVERYTHING tastes better cooked over a fire. I went on a trip last weekend and made tin foil dinners and this Blueberry Peach Cobbler in a small dutch oven over a fire. It was fabulous!

For the tin foil dinners take a large piece of foil and generously oil it. Place meat (I used chicken tenders, but any kind of meat will work) on foil and season with salt and pepper. Place whatever vegetables you choose (I used spinach, zucchini, peas, carrots, green onion, and Anaheim pepper)
on top of the meat. Season again and drizzle with more olive oil. If you have a favorite all purpose seasoning this is a great time to use it, if not you can add celery seed, ground cayenne, or garlic. Wrap foil folding the edges over a few times to seal. Take a sheet of newspaper and wrap it over the foil packet. Wrap again in another sheet of foil and seal edges. You should have your meat and veggies wrapped in foil, then wrapped in newspaper, then in foil again. The newspaper provides insulation and keeps the edges from burning.

Place in hot coals, turning after 20 minutes and cook another 20 minutes. Open up packet and check for the meat to be done. Return to coals if more cooking time is required. I have made these several times over wood coals and charcoal and they are always done after 1 hour, but if your coals are really hot I would definitely check them. Discard outer foil and newspaper and serve right out of the inner foil placed on a paper plate. This works great for my family because you can customize each meal. For the non SCD meals we add slices of baby red potatoes.

For the cobbler I used fresh peaches and blueberries and mixed up the fruit with the lemon juice, vanilla, and honey right in the dutch oven. I had prepared the topping at home and brought it in a baggie and just sprinkled it on top. I placed it on the coals for one hour also. The picture is from before it was cooked, it was too dark after cooking (and it was eaten up too fast) to get a picture.

The trip was loads of fun and I got to see some great scenery. The slogan for the Wyoming travel council is "Big Wonderful Wyoming" and I learned first hand how true that is. Beautiful state.

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