Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sick Day

It's true, I haven't had a sick day in over 2 years. Since going off of gluten my immune system is working so well I haven't had to take a day off. I have had a few times where I felt like I might be getting sick but after a good nights rest I've felt normal. That is good, right?

Well I thought it was a good thing. The other day my husband was working from our home and began to not feel well. He announced he was sick and done working for the day and laid down for a nap. It was a stressful day for me with a "to do" list a mile long and I have to admit I had a little pang of jealousy. I wanted a sick day too!

The moral of the story is to remember to take time for yourself. I think for so many years I would get sick and have to slow down that I am out of the habit of just slowing down sometimes to take care of me. I have one friend who told me she schedules a day to do nothing once every 2 weeks so she can have some down time. Another friend makes sure to have all her errands and housecleaning done during the week so on her days off of work she can do what recharges her. So if you are jealous of someone else's sick day you may be a little sick yourself!

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  1. My family refers to this as a "mental health day."