Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Cream Cheese" Omelette

"Cream Cheese" Omelette

2 eggs
2 T. SCD yogurt made with half and half
1 T. coconut oil
Toppings or fillings of your choice

1. Beat eggs in a small bowl with yogurt, just until combined. There will be small lumps of yogurt in the mixture, that is what you want.
2. Melt coconut oil in a heavy 8 inch pan.
3. Add egg mixture to pan and cook, covered, on low heat until set.
4. Add any filling ingredients, fold in half.
5. Place on serving plate and top with any toppings desired.
6. Can also be served plain.


  1. I love omlettes but I still have yet to master the art of omelette making. This one has a nice fluff to it, I'll have to try it this weekend. In Norman Okla, one of my college hopping residences, there was an omelette cafe that made all sorts of great omelettes with all kinds of yummy stuffings, avacado, spinach, etc. They were always perfect and delicious. Ever since I have wanted to make a good omelette.

  2. I know what you mean Mrs. Ed. A few tips I have found, add 1 tsp. water to the egg and whip by hand with a small whisk, also cover with a lid while cooking so it steams the egg. Good luck!