Wednesday, December 29, 2010

As Seen on TV

With some gentle prodding, my parents gave me this brownie pan for my birthday. I raced home and made brownies that night. Today I made Elana's Chocolate Chip Cookies in my new pan, tomorrow I am going to try some mini pumpkin loaves using this recipe.

This 3 part pan comes with a divider that you place in the pan after putting in your batter. The cookies/brownies/mini loaves bake then you take them out and let them cool, lift the divider and you have perfect portions. I really wanted this pan because when I make brownies then cut them for freezing the edges get all smashed and weird. With this pan the brownies are ready to go into the freezer as soon as they are cool.

So...if your birthday is coming up and you happen to be out shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond with your mother, drop some major hints about how you have heard about this pan and how much you think you would enjoy it. Then act really surprised when you open it. Thanks Mom and Dad!


  1. Karen, if you just had your birthday...Happy Birthday to you! What a great brownie pan...I love all the new gadgets that are available these days!

  2. Thanks Ina, it is actually tomorrow but I got my gift a few days early.

    Thanks again!