Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Indian Food

Chicken Tandoori

Vegetable Curry

This past year I discovered Indian food. I know you are thinking, a foodie like me still has food left to discover? It's true. I am doing an entire post on Indian food because it is a gluten free and paleo eater's best friend. Be sure to ask, but on most Indian menus the only item with wheat flour is the naan, or flat bread. At my favorite restaurant all of the breaded and deep fried items are made from a lentil or garbanzo bean flour, the curry is made from coconut milk and spices, and there are even gluten free desserts. My favorite dishes are any kind of curry (can be ordered mild, medium, or hot) and the tandoori minced lamb kebabs, cooked over an open flame. Both dairy and grain free.

So have I talked you into trying it? If so check out some online reviews and ask friends before you go. Make sure you are going to a high quality restaurant, I did try one that left much to be desired. I would also suggest the lunch buffet if it is available, this is a great way to try lots of dishes and find out what you like without investing more than the price of one meal.


  1. Tandori looks delicious! My next door neighbor has convinced me that Indian is the best. She warns about HING, the Indian spice that has wheat. She made me padoka's yesterday. All veggies dipped in garbanzo bean flour paste and deepfried! I am one happy girl. Can't wait to come to Utah and try this restaurant!

  2. Good to know Terina that one of the spices does have wheat, I will have to check and see if it is in any of my favorite dishes. You are a wealth of knowledge! Thanks for the comment. Karen

  3. Stephanie in SandyApril 25, 2011 at 12:52 PM

    I have been following your blog for a while, but I didn't realize you lived in Utah too until now! Have you tried any other Indian places around the valley? Did you have to explain yourself at this place or was the menu pretty straigtforward. (As you can see I nervous about eating out!). Thanks!

  4. Hi Stephanie, I am glad to have a gf friend in Utah. Eating out can be tricky but once you get the routine down of where to go and what to order it becomes fun again. I like Bombay house in Provo and Salt Lake too. Barbacoa is great for Mexican, P.F. Changs has a gf menu that is really good and Grub Steak in Park City is excellent. Please share with many any favorites you find!