Thursday, February 19, 2009

Here Comes the Sun........

Are you feeling a bit off? Can't get moving with the energy level you are used to?

Have you had some sun in the last few days?

This time of year it is important to make sure you get a little sun each day if possible. The effects of sunshine on your health are far reaching and yet to be fully understood.

Last year my daughter, who majored in Health Education in college, wrote a research paper on Vitamin D deficiency and it's relationship to the increased use of sunscreen in the past 20 years. She sent it to me to proof read for her, afterwards I made a few changes to increase my sun exposure. I stopped using a daytime facial lotion with sunscreen and began to keep a mental note of the amount of time I spend in the sun, making sure I get atleast 15-20 minutes of sunlight on my face 2-3 days a week. I have had the least amount of seasonal depression this Winter and I am thankful we have had so many days of sunshine to enjoy.

The bottom line is that we do need some sun, covering up with clothing and sunscreen 100% of the time is not healthy, especially if you are already suffering from vitamin deficiency.
There is a lot to read on this subject, here are a few articles I found helpful.

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