Friday, April 10, 2009

Book Review- Living Well Emotionally by Montel Williams

I recently saw Montel Williams being interviewed and was intrigued by his strength and candidness in discussing what he has learned from having MS. His book, Living Well Emotionally Break Through to a Live of Happiness, embodies his journey emotionally as he has learned about depression and happiness. Since being diagnosed with MS and being on many medications whose side effects include depression he has learned how to pick himself up and move through the negative "spiral" of emotions. He has also studied happiness and presents to the reader a very detailed picture along with much research to show us step by step how to keep yourself well emotionally.

The book includes many anecdotes and experiences as well as current research by qualified doctors who have done numerous studies to find out what makes people happy. Montel wraps it all up in the final chapter by giving 17 Powerful Tips for Living a Happier Life. He tells us through all his pain and uncertainty about the future he has overcome the hold of depression and lives a happy life.

I thought this book was very thought provoking and enjoyed reading it. Depression is the main symptom I have when ingesting gluten and dairy. I don't deal with it anymore but I certainly know the feelings of being overwhelmed and the chain of emotions that follow. I like the message to live your life with good diet and exercise habits and to enjoy beauty and relationships and things you love to do. It is simple and straightforward and will leave you with the steps you need to take control.

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