Friday, April 17, 2009

Specific Carbohydrate Diet Part 2

Today will mark 2 weeks of being on the SCD.

I have found this diet much easier than the GFCF diet. Cooking is basic and simple and I have lost 6 pounds. As far as my digestive health goes I have tried the homemade yogurt only 3 times, and had just a teaspoon each time with no problems. I am going to increase the amount this next week and see if I can tolerate the dairy once again. So far it looks promising.

The challenges have been:
  • NO CHOCOLATE of any kind!
  • Cooking dinner for my family (me + 2 gluten free + 2 regular)
  • Taking the time to re-learn a new diet and way of cooking, again.
  • I really haven't gone out to eat at all. I am a bit nervous about what I will order and don't want to take on that challenge right now.
The payoffs are:
  • I feel even better than I thought I could, no gas, joint pain, swelling, etc.
  • More energy
  • I think my family is eating better than ever and they are trying new things.
  • Losing weight (for some this is a negative, for me it is a very good thing!)
  • I am spending less money of food and time cooking than on the GFCF diet. There are not as many specialty items and more items I can get at my local grocery store.
  • Hope- I really think I can stay with this diet and see a return to full health.
Look for Part 3 coming in a few weeks.........................

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