Monday, May 11, 2009

Specific Carbohydrate Diet Part 3

I am now past 5 weeks on the SCD. I am so glad that I tried this diet. I feel better than ever and have found some compromises that work for me. I guess you could say I am loosely following this diet. For the most part I eat what is on the diet, but once a week or so I do have some rice or corn. I found it is almost impossible to go out to eat and feel satisfied on this diet. So I compromised. Oh yeah, and I still eat chocolate! At first I was following the diet fanatically. It really did make a difference but I don't want this to be the focus of my life (balance) so I relaxed a bit. It seems there is added sugar in everything! I was going crazy trying to find bacon and tomato sauce with no sugar. I am careful not to have too much but I don't go to the extreme if I cannot find an item without sugar. It is working, I am happy and I feel good. Balance.

Overall I eat lots of fruit (uncooked) and veggies, fish, beef, chicken and tons of nuts and nut flour. I do eat the SCD yogurt and cheese but I stay away from any other kind of dairy. It seems I can tolerate a small amount of cheddar cheese but I keep it to a once in awhile treat. If I were counting calories I think I would be shocked, I know I eat more calories than I ever have in my life but I am slowly loosing weight so I am not worried about it. Here is a list of everyday foods, I am always experimenting and changing so I may update this again in the future.

Scrambled eggs with salsa
Yogurt sundae with fruit and granola
Baked Apples
Scrambled eggs with spinach
Omlette with diced ham, green peppers and onion
Pancakes with homemade jam
Banana Pancakes
Hickory cured bacon
Homemade sausage
Apple juice
Grape Juice
Pineapple Juice

The best lunch is leftovers from the night before (no preparation or dishes!)
Lettuce wraps (chicken salad, egg salad, turkey and mayo)
Salad with salmon or chicken
Stir fry veggies with garlic and ginger
Taco Salad with avacado and salsa dressing

There are a few dinners that work for everyone in my family. 3 of the 5 of us eat Gluten Free, and then myself of course grain and dairy free. Many nights we all eat whatever is leftover, I try to make huge quantities of dinner so there is always leftovers for lunch or another night.

Pulled Pork on rolls, rice or lettuce wraps
Stuffed Bell Peppers
Pizza (I am still working on this recipe but will post it soon)
Spaghetti (I use spaghetti squash for the noodles)
Satay with veggies and fried rice
Pot Roast

Beef Jerky
Stewed Apples
Deviled Eggs

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