Monday, May 25, 2009

Recipe Review: BaNillaNut Ice Cream from Coconut Girl

This recipe has turned out to be dangerous for me. So smooth and creamy, so chocolatey. I made it twice, in two days and ate the entire thing! I am going to try a lighter version but for now all I can say is YUM!

Click here for the recipe

I made it with 2 frozen bananas, 1/2 can full fat coconut milk, 2 T. honey and 2 T. cocoa powder. Then I heaped a spoonful of almond butter on the spoon when I served it (which was immediately because I couldn't wait for it to firm up in the freezer). I made another version which is SCD legal with bananas, coconut milk and a piece of vanilla bean. It was really good too!

Thanks Coco.Nut girl for this great recipe!


  1. Oh wow I feel so special that you reviewed my recipe! And SO glad you like it :-) It's my fav for sure.
    Just a note because you mentioned trying it lighter-- I have made it with the light milk before, and it is NOT the same. Maybe make a smaller batch next time to lighten? Anyway- up to you, but I recommend the normal milk, it's healthy fat :-)
    Thanks for the positive review!!

  2. Hey Coconut Gal,
    I thought for a lighter version I would try substituting some of the coconut milk with yogurt cubes (frozen in an ice cube tray). Do you think it will work? I love experimenting so I will let you know.
    Thanks again for all your recipes, Karen

  3. This looks fabulous Coconut Gal and Karen! I tried to access the full recipe at Coconut Gal's Wordpress but could not get in. Is there any way to access both blogs?

  4. Sorry this link is no longer working, take all the ingredients listed above and blend together in a high speed blender. I found it works best if you peel and slice the bananas before freezing them. Also sometimes I add a few ice cubes and grind them up first then add the other ingredients. There are so many variations you can make, try berries instead of bananas or a combination of both. One of my favorites is 1 frozen banana, 2 ice cubes, 1/2 can coconut milk, 1 tsp. vanilla and a pinch of cinnamon. Thanks for your comments!

  5. Thanks so much for your reply and suggestions! I am going to make this today or tomorrow. Thanks again for the delicious ideas. =)