Friday, June 5, 2009

Book Review: The G Free Diet A Gluten Free Survival Guide

I ran into the library to pick up a book the other day and my librarian, who has Celiac's and has been a wonderful resource for me brought out this book. She didn't know I had gone to the SCD diet and thought I would enjoy this read by Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Now that is service!

I checked out the book and brought it home, wary because I have heard the controversy surrounding it. I sat down to take a look at it and was pleasantly surprised. The book truly lives up to it's name, A Gluten Free Survival Guide. I was happy to see chapters on how to identify gluten, how to modify your kitchen to accommodate gluten and gluten free family members, how to order at restaurants and how to handle the dreaded dinner party. The chapters are insightful and very funny.

Elisabeth's own story is heart wrenching, she like many, diagnosed herself after many years of pain. There are only a few recipes, one from her Italian grandmother for meatballs and sauce I can't wait to try, as well as lasagna and baked Penne. Overall I learned a few tricks and thought this was a very worthwhile read. Thanks Terrie Ann!

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