Friday, July 24, 2009

Time Marches On.......

At the risk of this looking like an Oprah hairstyle montage I am posting these pictures of myself to illustrate the changes you can see in my face through the past few years. The first picture is from 2006, before I made any permanent dietary changes. The second picture is from February 2009 at my daughter's wedding. In this picture I have been gluten and casein free for 18 months and you can see my skin is much clearer and not ruddy like it was in the earlier picture. The last picture is from just a few days ago, July 2009, just 4 months into the SCD diet. I have a lot I would like to say but really the pictures say it all.

Diet does affect the way you look and feel, as you can see from this post my cholesterol is down and my energy is up. I eat more calories and more fat and I really don't worry about portion control right now. I realize that may be in my future but I am taking it one step at a time and right now my focus is on enjoying what I can eat and putting together an array of recipes I can use to feed myself and my family that work for me on this diet. I do see it as a lifestyle, not a temporary diet, and I feel blessed to have discovered it.


  1. Wow, beautiful pictures Karen! Isn't it amazing what a miracle our bodies are, especially when all we do is listen to what it needs! The proof is in the pictures - you look great! Ina