Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Need to Simplify? Go Backpacking!

A few weeks ago we took an adventure we had been looking forward to all of our married life (23 years). We took the family (minus my daughter and son in law) backpacking. My husband is an avid outdoors man and has wanted to get me involved in backpacking trips for many years, needless to say between having small children and health issues I haven't been able to go with him. We walked 19 miles in two and a half days, down into and up out of a 1000 ft canyon. It was amazing!
I have been reading Zen Habits and using the FlyLady method trying to simplify and de-clutter my life for quite some time. But to really simplify and de-clutter I suggest you go backpacking for at least 2 days. It is interesting to see what you can do without. When you know you have to carry EVERYTHING you are going to wear, eat, sleep on, and cook with on your back, you really think it through before you pack it.

The scenery was breathtaking and the experience was incredible for my kids. No x-box, cell phones, or Facebook, we laughed and talked and joked and walked till we were silly with exhaustion.

Two years ago I never would have guessed I would be well enough physically to attempt something like this. I know it is the changes in my diet that made it possible. I want to share the message, what you eat has everything to do with how you feel and your quality of life! Get away from the sugars and processed foods, eat foods without an ingredient list. Take the time to shop and cook for yourself, take some down time each day and get all the sleep you need!

Make your health a priority, don't give up, keep searching for answers and keep an open mind to try new things. Life will give back to you what you put into it!


  1. Hi Karen! That is sooo awesome! What a wonderful trip - and I could'nt agree with you more about diet, lifestyle etc. It really does make a difference, Ina

  2. That's beautiful! We just moved back to the Northwest from southern Utah. This looks like Escalante, Arches or Capitol Reef. I too use the Fly Lady Method (or try to). Isn't it great to feel great?

  3. Thanks for the comments Ina, I hope things are well with you.

    Hiit Mama, you are right it is Coyote Gulch off the Hole In the Rock Road, near Capitol Reef. I do love the Fly Lady and with a new baby coming you are smart to have a system going. Thanks for the comments! I bet there is some great things to see in the Northwest, we are planning a trip this Spring to the coast in either Oregon or Washington, any suggestions?