Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Diet Books and New Year's Resolutions

Yesterday my daughter and I took a trip into a Barnes and Noble bookstore to spend a gift card she had received for Christmas. We had only been in the store a few minutes when she said, "I never knew there were so many diet books, they're everywhere". As is expected the store had numerous displays targeting people who are looking to lose some weight and setting resolutions to do so. It made me think about all the diet books I have purchased, hundreds of dollars worth.

This morning I got them all out, nearly 20 books I have read over the years, searching for answers to my health issues. This is just a warning to you...make sure you really want a book before you buy it or it will end up on your shelf gathering dust (these are all going up for trade at paperbackswap.com). Check with your local library and read the book first to see if you really want to invest in owning it. Stick with the basics you know; exercise, eat smart and get enough rest. Who needs a book to tell you that?

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