Sunday, December 20, 2009

How to Sprout Nuts

Sprouted Nuts are my latest treasure. I had heard of them before but honestly the name is very unappetizing, I kept picturing a soft gooey nut with a tail "sprouting" out of it. I couldn't have been more wrong. Sprouted nuts are soaked in salt water then slowly dried, they are light and crispy and so much better than even raw nuts. There are many variations out there but I have found this to be the easiest and taste the best. I bake pecans at 170 degrees for 4 hours, almonds take about 6 hours. Enjoy!

How to Sprout Nuts

4 cups raw nuts (cashews, almonds, macadamia, peanuts, pecans, hazelnuts, or pine nuts)
1 T. sea salt


1. Place nuts in a bowl, sprinkle with salt and fill the bowl with water covering the nuts plus at least 3 inches. Soak a minimum of 7 hours or overnight (cashews should not be soaked over 6 hours).
2. Drain and place on a cookie sheet. Place in a food dehydrator or your oven at lowest setting. Dehydrate/Bake until thoroughly dry, this can be anywhere from 4 to 12 hours depending on the nuts. Stir every few hours.


  1. Is this recipe for roasting or sprouting nuts?
    I haven't done either, but am wanting to try. This sounds like maybe a recipe for roasting since the nuts proceed into a dehydrator or oven after soaking?

  2. Hi Kaylynne, my understanding is that part of sprouting is slowly drying them afterwards, the heat is not high enough to roast them. Good Luck!

  3. Do they actually grow a root ?

  4. No, they do not grow a root, you may notice a little sprout starting but nothing like alfalfa or radish sprouts. The main difference I notice is the nuts are crunchier and lighter...