Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Totoka Mata Face Paste- One of My Favorite Products

O.K. first off I hate marketing that uses friendships and connections to sell a product. I got really turned off years ago when my new husband and I were invited to an acquaintances home for dinner. It was to be our first "married" dinner with friends. It turned out to be an Amway presentation!! Arrgghhh.... I have always thought it a cheap shot to use friendships to earn money.

But....there is a fine line between marketing to friends and spreading the word about a product you love. Just for the record I do not know the owners of this company, I do not sell for them or receive any compensation from them....I just love their products! My son in law gave me some of the Face Paste he received from the owners, they had opened an account at the bank he works for and were passing along some samples. He even tasted some to show me how natural the product was, so pure you could eat it.

I have used it for the past year and since tried the foot scrub and body scrub, both exceptional. I think what makes it so unique is the coconut oil base, it leaves your skin soft but not oily. I have had problems with breakouts on my face in the past and struggled to keep my skin moisturized but not break out, this product brings balance to my skin keeping it soft and clear. It also is a great exfoliater and smells like a tropical vacation but the really great part is the price! If you have ever used name brand products you know it is easy to spend $300 on a skin care regimen and I do use other products besides this one but for the can't find anything more worth it.

Here is the link to Lolo Levu's website where you can read more, including a list of ingredients and the company's motto: "If you wouldn't put it in your body, you might think twice about putting it on your body. A day without lotion is a good day!!" You can also order their products online through their website.

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