Sunday, February 7, 2010

Heal Balance Live Gets a Facelift!

You know the old saying about the Cobbler who's kids have no shoes? My story is similar in the fact that my husband is a computer programmer who does some web design....and I have never had his help on my blog. I am sure he could do hundreds of cool things in HTML and it would be amazing, but that is not reality. Who wants to spend their weekend doing what they spend all week doing?

Today I had a really cool experience, my 14 year old son helped me redesign the blog. I wanted a crisper, cleaner look and I am amazed at what that boy can do! He used 3 different design programs and was patient in helping me get what I wanted. I think he learned a little about how women constantly change their minds too! Anyway Jacob you are amazing and I love all the changes, thanks for your help.


  1. Love the new look! Keep up the great are so inspiring!

  2. I too love the look! It's crisp, clean and easy to navigate! I get my best computer work from the teen too. Woot!