Saturday, February 27, 2010

Recipe Review: Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables

I found this recipe here on Comfy Tummy's Blog. It is a great dish for lunch or as a side dish for dinner. I made it for lunch today but I think it would go really well with some Rosemary Roasted Chicken for dinner. I don't have a recipe for Rosemary Roasted Chicken but give me a few days...

I did make a few changes in the recipe. I prepared the eggplant by "salting" it first. Here are the directions on how to do that. I have to add that I am not a big eggplant fan... I have only had it a few times and smothered it in some kind of sauce to add flavor. In this dish the eggplant reminded me of roasted potatoes, it stays firm and really took on the flavor of the spices.

Changes I made:

1. I added zucchini and used black olives.
2. My total cooking time was 30 minutes. I cooked the eggplant for 20 minutes then added tomatoes, zucchini and olives in the final 10 minutes.
3. I also added 2 T. olive oil and some more garlic and salt at this time. The eggplant soaked up the original oil and I like the way it makes the veggies crispy on the outside.

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