Friday, February 12, 2010

Science Fair Project

Problem: Some mornings I just want a bowl of warm oatmeal or a nice corn tortilla.

: After being on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for 11 months and feeling great it may be possible to have some soaked grains. The idea is that by soaking the grains in water with an acidic additive (ie: lemon juice or whey) the parts of the grain that are hard to digest are broken down (one article even said the gluten is broken down) and I hope I can now partake of the food group grains once again.

Experiment: Following these instructions I am going to soak some gluten free oatmeal for 24 hours with whey, cook it up for breakfast and see what happens.

Results: A headache, stomach ache, lethargy and bloating

Conclusion: I still like oatmeal but my body doesn't and I don't like experimenting with my body.

Next Time: I might just try this again next year with some white rice which will be easier on my system than oatmeal.


  1. Have you tried sprouted brown rice? Doesn't work with white rice, but you can actually sprout brown rice over a couple days and then cook it. Supposed to be much easier on the digestive system. I am planning to try sometime soon, I'll let you know how it goes! Been on SCD for 2 years now and added back in sweet potato so far with success.

    Sprouted Brown Rice:

  2. Kat I haven't tried anything but the oatmeal, in hindsight I see that wasn't the best place to start. PLEASE let me know about your brown rice experiment, I can't wait to hear. Thanks!