Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another "Eggy" Idea

I follow Kat's Food Blog religiously. She has great recipes and tips from body care to housecleaning and she so honestly shares her experiences so we can all benefit. The other thing is she eats chocolate too, I think we are soul sisters. I was really intrigued by this post, on using egg yolk instead of shampoo. I don't have any reason to not use shampoo, but really, with eggs involved how could I not try it?

I was expecting my hair to be all full of static and out of control without the effects of my shampoo and conditioner. Surprise, surprise! My hair had body and shine and I really liked the way it looked and styled. Another use for the incredible egg. I have been alternating between an egg wash and vinegar rinse, just a vinegar rinse and a regular shampoo/conditioning for several weeks now and am pleased with the results. When my shampoo runs out I may try just the egg and vinegar indefinitely. I will keep you posted.


  1. Aw thank you for following my blog! I've been following yours for quite a long time.

    Love the uses and health benefits of eggs. I found sometimes I just end up using the yolk (the white tends to run off quickly sometimes) and that gives lots of moisture, if you ever notice static.

  2. I've heard about using eggs for shampoo... but haven't had the nerve to try it!! :D