Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vacations and Food

We recently spent 10 days on vacation and I didn't get sick once! I owe that partly to the fact that my system is healthier than ever but there are a few things I have learned through trial and error, I have come home before wishing I would have never gone. Here are a few suggestions to hopefully save you from being sick on vacation.

1. Prepare your system by being very strict about your diet and eat lots of yogurt the few days before you go.

2. Find a way to take some yogurt with you if possible, it helps!

3. If possible stay someplace with a kitchen or kitchenette so you can prepare some of your own meals. We were able to rent a condo that had a full kitchen, I made 2 of our dinners, most of our lunches and all of our breakfasts while on vacation. It makes a difference for me when not every meal is at a restaurant.

4. Always have a good (meaning protein) snack with you, carry it in your purse or bag so that you are never caught hungry without something to eat. I like to have sprouted pecans and dried cherries with me.

5. Research where you are going before you get there. We were staying in San Diego so I did a google search for "gluten free san diego" and came up with restaurants galore! We found a fabulous pizza parlor that served gluten free pizzas, my 2 gluten free kids were in heaven! Also look for a natural market place to get natural meat and organic produce.

6. Take some of your favorite treats so that when everyone else has dessert you can have something too. On this particular trip I took along the ingredients for Bittersweet Brownies and made two pans full to share.

7. When going out to eat look for Thai, Indian, and Mexican. I have found that these restaurants all have something on the menu I can eat. Thai always has lots of vegetable dishes, Indian too and I usually eat a tostada at a Mexican restaurant.

8. If all else fails order a dinner salad with oil and vinegar for dressing and a meat entree seasoned with salt and pepper only. Most any place with be able to do that for you.

9. It is a bit of a mental adjustment (at least it was for me) but don't think of food as part of the fun of the vacation, think of it as the way to fun. If you eat well you will be able to enjoy everything else!

If you are eating gluten free and anywhere near Poway, California.......you have to try this pizza, they make the dough themselves and it is fabulous!!

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  1. Hi Karen -glad to hear your vacation and traveling was a success! It can be a challenge traveling with celiac and other dietary concerns...tho certainly not impossible! We always plan ahead too - it really makes a difference. Ina