Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Girl's Night Out with my Family

It has been a super busy few months. I was out of town most of October, trying to catch up in November as well as going out of town over the Thanksgiving holiday then December hit with it's parties and shopping, as well as a week with a foreign exchange student living with us. I have not been able to shift out of 5th gear and slow down. This is how my story begins....a busy mother, rushing to get it all done, not making time to take care of herself, and the monster comes out.

When I first told my husband about this phenomenon a few years ago he just shook his head and said he didn't think food could have that kind of effect....well I think he believes me now. I began cutting corners, running out of my staples (chicken soup, yogurt, granola, etc.) and snitching holiday goodies my neighbors brought. I think what really did me in was the homemade fudge. By Christmas Eve I was angry, stressed, and trying to get hold of myself before I blew up. How did this happen? Christmas is the time to celebrate family, friends, and Christ's love...and here I am angry at any and everything? Can food really do this to me?

The answer for me is YES! and it seems dairy and gluten are the worst offenders. I have had times in the past when I am just as busy and stressed but took care of myself and the outcome was very different. If I ingest gluten or dairy accidentally I can tell within 20 minutes, I describe it as a black cloud coming over me and it makes me feel crazy and out of control. The problem over the holidays was that day after day I kept eating things with dairy and tons of sugar.....and the monster was born.

By Tuesday I was getting back to normal, but feeling really dumb. Why did I work so hard to make it a perfect day then ruin it for myself? Duh! I write this to let you know if you have someone in your life that food affects like me, be patient with them. I read many blogs written by parents with autistic children who report out of control tantrums when their kids go off of the SCD and I know to most people this sounds ridiculous, but for me it is true. Some foods are like drugs in my body and I count myself lucky to understand this and know what to avoid. Here's to a better holiday next year....I am going to dump that fudge in the garbage!


  1. Karen, I so understand Dr. Jekyll/Mr.Hyde. Been there done that many times over. Too many times to even contemplate. Now my evil this year is sugar. I never eat it - rarely ever. But this season it has been a demon...a demon I succumbed to and have no one to blame but myself. Tomorrow is a new start fresh again.. we are only human, we can only do the best we can, and every once in a while we get caught up don't we? Here is a "cheers" to you and me for tomorrow! Ina

  2. Oh yes... I know this all too well! I just recently learned again that a normal gf/yeast free diet isn't enough for me. If I eat mostly SCD, I can have a couple serving a week of gf grains. August through October were unavoidably busy and we were out of town several times...lots of restaurant food. I can only eat so many grilled chicken salads, so I ate lots of corn. I got bloated and a mild Crohn's flair in my throat. I'm pretty sure I didn't get ahold of any gluten, because I didn't get a mental dark cloud haze that comes with gluten (my mom call it "groggy"). I think stress and straying too far from the SCD did me in.
    Too much sugar will cause me to obsess over things I can usually laugh off, fudge is one of my donwfalls too. One piece won't hurt, but when my husbands Meemaw makes me a pound of it, it's hard to just eat one.

  3. Thank you for the comments Mrs. Ed and Ina, it is nice to know you are not alone!

  4. Oh my goodness--just like me. The deepest darkness of winter is my worst. I'm battling it this year with green smoothies and exercise (okay, more at least). I'll see how it goes.