Thursday, February 28, 2013


I know what you are thinking, "no I don't want to learn how to make clocks from my old garbage can lids!" 

Pinterest is an online website that can change your world, your cooking world. Think of it as a giant bulletin board (thus the "pinning") to put all the ideas you have found online. You can have a "board" for desserts, one for recipes you want to try, and one for recipes you know are tried and true.There is also a button you can install on your toolbar to "pin" as you are browsing the internet.

Now think of being able to get a peek at my bulletin board, or hundreds of other people's who have the same interests you do by searching keywords. It really is a great place to find and organize recipes. If you haven't tried it yet click here, set up an account. Now search for paleo, grain free or scd and sit back, you will be awhile.

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