Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Book Review: Grain-Free Gourmet

I am trying to learn to live simply. Minimal belongings=more time for fun. The past few months I have been de-junking my home and trying to simplify. Some conflict has arisen as I look at the shelves of cook books I own. Many were gifts, some I purchased on vacation, many are stained and tattered, they all hold memories.....of food I can no longer eat.

Just when I am wondering what I will do with all of that shelf space I discover there are SCD cook books out there! Yahoo! I purchased this one from Amazon after a failed first attempt with another cook book (more on that another time) and feel like I hit the motherlode. This cook book is packed with beautiful pictures and great recipes, all SCD legal. I can't post any of the recipes due to copyright laws but I will share some of the names with you. Cinnamon Pecan muffins, Strawberry Shortcake, Apple Pancakes, Caramel Sauce, Seven Layer Lasagna, Stuffed Sweet Peppers....the list goes on. So far every recipe I have tried has been delicious and more than I expected. There are also recipes for the basics, tomato sauce, yogurt, barbeque sauce and dressings. If you are just starting on this diet I think this book would be a great place to get to know the great things you CAN eat. Kudos to authors Jodi Bager and Jenny Lass!

This is a picture of the Cinnamon Pecan Muffins I made and they were even better than they look.


  1. Hi Karen! That book looks great! What did you think of Eat Right For Your Type? Was there any helpful info for you? Were you able to retrieve the recipes from the email I sent? I've been helping a fellow just recently diagnosed with celiac and have referred him to your blog - sounds like the SCD diet might work well for him too. All the best, Ina

  2. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you Ina. I did get the book and the recipes, I am loving the book! I am in fact shopping for ingredients for the chicken (sounds divine) and the blackberry vinaigrette. I can't wait to try them this weekend! I am still planning on you doing a post, one of the recipes you sent me looks great or if you have something else in mind please do it! Do you have the ability to post pictures? If not I could make the recipe you choose also and take some pics. Let me know if you are still interested. I have been harvesting lettuce and strawberries all week! Happy cooking!

  3. Hi Karen! glad you like the recipes....I am soooo not technical (sigh). At some point I would love to do a post - maybe my husband could help me. If you wanted to go ahead and choose a recipe feel free and you could go ahead and post a picture too! We too have had a ton of lettuce, radishes, collard and swiss chard! Isn't it awesome!? So glad your scd diet is working for you! We are away this weekend 4 day trip, packing my own food - so much fun! talk to you soon, Ina