Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Recipe Review: Elana's Pantry Silver Dollar Pancakes

There is nothing like pancakes on a cold rainy day to get you going. Elana says this is the best pancake recipe she has created so far and I agree. They held together well and as long as I cooked them on a very low heat they browned lightly and cooked all the way through. I served them with Raspberry Compote. Thanks Elana!

Note: Substitute honey for the agave syrup in this and all of Elana's recipes to make them SCD legal.


  1. My husband makes very tasty SCD pancakes (that pass for the real thing) by adding a tablespoon of almond butter to the batter. Thickens them up immediately!

  2. isn't agave syrup illegal according to Elaine?

  3. Hi Jessica, you are right, agave syrup is illegal. Substitute honey for the agave, it works well with all of Elana's recipes. Thanks!

  4. Click on "this" in the sentence "Elayna says this is the best pancake recipe she has created so far.."

    It is a link to the recipe. I highlighted it and put in in bold so it would be easy to see....guess I need a better plan. So glad you left a comment!

    Thanks, Karen