Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dear Anonymous....

A few days ago I received this comment on my blog,

Anonymous said...

no offense but you don't seem to have a clear picture of the proper SCD diet. Garlic powder, worcestershire sauce, rice based cheese substitute?? you are not practicing the SCD diet, please go back and read Breaking the Vicious Cycle. SCD is all or nothing, it's the only way it will work.

Good luck

In the years I have been blogging I have never received negative comments. I can't say that it really bothered me but it did get me thinking about how far I have come since the SCD and what a blessing it has been to me, I wanted to share my reply with everyone.

Dear Anonymous,
I appreciate you leaving a comment on this blog, I really love to get feedback.

I first read Elaine Gotschall's book, Breaking the Vicious Cycle, in 2009. It took me a few weeks to decide if I was really willing to go all out and follow the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. In the end after much deliberating and discussion with my very supportive husband I decided to give it a try for a few months and I am so glad that I did, as I have become a better person for it.

In the beginning I was so sick I could not even tolerate the yogurt. I took things very slowly and with time was able to enjoy the yogurt and even whipping cream. I am still not able to eat any dairy that is not cultured. I made my own ketchup and barbecue sauce and ate very simply for over a year, never going out to eat and following the diet religiously. In that year I lost 42 pounds.

That was in the Spring of 2009. Since that time I have been in a constant state of evolution experimenting with what works for me and what doesn't. This blog is all about that evolution. I can now have chocolate, canned tomatoes, and many other foods that were not part of my diet when I first started the SCD.

My purpose in blogging about my experience is to help others out there who are also experimenting to find out what works for them. We are all different and I now know for the most part what works for me. I love that I am no longer held hostage by food, trading how I feel for a good meal, it just wasn't worth it. I know I benefit from many others who share through blogging or recipe sites and I am happy to be able to share with others.

I don't know if everyone will have the same outcome but since the SCD I have been backpacking at the beach, canoeing, hiking, am now a scout leader and have the energy to enjoy my family. It sounds like you really know the SCD and follow it. I hope you find relief from whatever circumstances led you to begin the diet in the first place.

Good luck to you,


  1. Every body is different. What works for some won't work for others. What others have to follow strictly, others can follow more or less and bend certain rules. One size does not fit all. I have loved reading about your journey...from GFCF to SCD. I am not SCD, but I enjoy reading your recipes and the stories of healing that go along with them. In the end, you are free to do what's right for you and I'm glad you share that - your perspective has been edifying to me and I'm sure many others as well.

  2. Exactly, everyone's body AND situation is different. They need to do what works for them. We were strict SCD for 3 years b/c that's what my dd needed. But now finally we can be more flexible. I just wanted to let you know that I have loved your blog. Your recipes are awesome and I wanted to thank you for the time that you put into keeping it up. Thanks also for sharing your blog list on the side. I can always find something to cook when I come to your site.

  3. Karen - what a great post! So good to hear the success you have had on your healing journey. I too love your blog list - so many great recipes, information and sharing in the blogging community. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a graceful way to handle criticism. I think it is good to get criticism every now and then, it helps us think and evaluate, but at the same time it can really throw you for a loop momentarily. I think your experience with the SCD did exactly what it was meant to do, help you get better and move on a little. This year we have let Gordon have a few things not SCD legal (those things that are SCD legal on the package but may have minut amounts of starch in them), a couple of years ago that would not have been possible.

  5. I am "Another Anonymous" not to be confused with the first. Wow!! Wouldn't it be nice if everything in the world was either black or white, right or wrong?

    I want to thank you for your blog, it is one that I have subscribed to and I look forward to receiving your posts!! I am inspired by your ideas. I love to try new recipes, whether I have to adapt them to fit my son's dietary needs or not, and the links are wonderful. It shows that there is community for us. We are not alone.

    It is great that you do not have to follow SCD to a letter anymore and have found other foods that you can now tolerate! How awesome for you!

    While I am not glad that this comment came your way, it made me wake up and want to show my appreciation! Thank you for your inspiration and dedication!

  6. A very classy response, as expected.

    I think if anything, readers should treat your experiences as inspirational. Many of us have followed the SCD strictly for a year or more and can now tolerate foods they never would have dreamed possible when they began the diet in very ill health. That's something to celebrate, not condemn.

    I think you've always been quite careful about noting when recipes are NOT SCD as well -- for instance, those containing chocolate. Keep doing what you do! You have a lot of fans.

  7. I'm not the anonymous that wrote the message to you but I wanted to say that your response was very thoughtful and respectful. I can't say that I would have reacted the same way :P especially because you explicitly say that you were able to move on from being 100% SCD and your recipes reflect that. I've been strictly SCD for about 7 years now and I STILL can't add anything new...I really hope to be in your position some day!

  8. Thank you for sharing with me, all of these comments have made my day!!

  9. My husband used to follow SCD to the letter - for about 3 years. He very slowly, and still very sparingly, eats outside the diet - a tiny bit. He sometimes has something with vegan chocolate chips. Maybe something with spelt noodles. Sometimes heavy cream instead of almond milk in a recipe. A dash or two of worchestershire sauce. You know! He surely doesn't eat french fries or fritos! But after time, sometimes you are lucky and can add a few things (in moderation) back into your diet. Like he says, he is way more "in tune" to his body than he ever was before. He can tell pretty quickly if he needs to stop the cheating for awhile, or if something isn't going to go well! Everyone is different. I know someone who eats sugar, yet mostly follows the SCD diet and has been med free now for going on 5 years. If you feel better being strictly SCD, then by all means practice it! And use recipes on these sites as a basis for your menus - but adapt them as needed. That's what I did for years. SCD is awesome!! Wendy

  10. Someone awarded me the Liebster Blog Award and I want to pay it forward to you. You can check out the details here:

    Cheers, -Shanon

  11. I enjoyed this post. I had to be 100% faithful to SCD for 10 years. I had UC for 20. Within SCD I found there were some foods I didn't tolerate. I've been free of any sign of UC for 2 years now, and can vary slightly. Still, I do best when I stay SCD-legal.
    I've also known people who've needed to adjust the SCD to themselves and include non-SCD legal foods. We're each so unique.
    Love your recipes and have included your blog on a SCD source page I gave to my ND.

  12. First: I love the blog! Found it today while looking for SCD friendly recipes. Thanks for sharing all of them!

    Second: I've run into several people like your Anonymous. They are out there patrolling the SCD blogs looking for violators. You handled this one better than anyone else I have seen. I follow the diet fairly strictly except that I use unsweetened chocolate in my baking. It was the first thing I tested because I need my chocolate! We are all different and some of us are able to tolerate a few of the "illegal" foods... its all part of the healing process :)