Sunday, January 3, 2010

Picture of the Week and Menu 1/04/10 to 1/11/10

I absolutely love this picture. It was take on Temple Square in Salt Lake City. The floating candles around the nativity, it was so calm and pristine. Beautifully done.

Here is the menu for week #2. I usually plan breakfast and dinner and have some kind of leftovers for lunch. As you can see my family does eat grains still so I have to make adjustments with some meals.

Here is this week's menu:

Breakfast- Homemade yogurt with Blueberry Compote and bananas
Dinner- Pot Roast and Funeral Zucchini

Breakfast-Scrambled Eggs
Dinner- Pizza (make extra crusts to freeze)

Breakfast- Coconut Waffles with Blueberry Compote
Dinner- Fajita Salad (served with corn tortillas for the family),
Breakfast-Pumpkin Muffins using Pumpkin Puree from my freezer
Dinner- Breakfast with bacon (scrambled eggs and pancakes)

Breakfast- Fresh fruit with whipped cream and Granola
Dinner- Meatloaf and green salad, mashed potatoes and gravy for the family

Breakfast- chocolate muffins and fried eggs
Dinner- Egg drop soup (recipe pending) and Zucchini Oriental Noodles (rice for the family)

Breakfast- chocolate muffins and fried eggs
Dinner- Turkey Breast in the Crock pot,

Lunch ideas- chicken sausages, salad with boiled eggs,
Desserts- Orange Cake, chocolate chip cookies


  1. Wow, I like the menu. I keep thinking I need to start writing down what we eat each week just so I don't forget! This week we have had stuffed pork chops & acorn squash, salmon patties & coleslaw, and split pea soup. Tomorrow is chicken parmesan. Now I'm thinking meatloaf....too bad no one here likes it but me, not even the "real" SCDer lol! Wendy

  2. Hi Wendy, your menu sounds good. Does your SCDer like meatballs? If so you could make the meatloaf up and use half for a loaf and with the other half meatballs, they cook much faster so put them in the oven a bit later. My kids always liked the when they were young if I served them room temperature with a tooth pick in them and some kind of dipping sauce. In fact they would eat almost anything with a tooth pick and sauce. Thanks for the comment! Karen