Sunday, January 16, 2011

Yogurt Recipes

More and more I am realizing the importance of bacteria in intestinal health. It seems people are always talking about yogurt..and it's health benefits. What if you don't like yogurt? I recently met someone who is struggling with how to have the benefits of yogurt without the taste. I put together this list of recipes (and links) that all include cultured yogurt or cream with that thought in mind. Also try adding just a bit of yogurt to ice cream or smoothies.

Note that high temperatures (over 120 degrees) kill the bacteria so if you are making a hot dish add the cultured product last, after it has cooled a bit to get the full benefit of the yogurt.

Cultured Yogurt and Cream Basics:

How to make SCD Yogurt
The classic SCD recipe cultured over 24 hours to remove all lactose and casein.

SCD Whipping Cream
This does have the tang of yogurt but can be sweetened and flavored..think lots of vanilla!

Dripped Yogurt or Cream Cheese
A variation made by concentrating the yogurt after it is made. I have found using half and half instead of milk with the original yogurt recipe gives a thick and creamy yogurt much the same as dripped yogurt.

(this Hollandaise type sauce is great on veggies too!)

fill the middle with dripped yogurt, onions and your favorite veggies.

A few whipping cream recipes:

(or lemon, or grapefruit...)


  1. Pretty pictures Karen! I just made some yogurt with organic half and half - wow so tasty! I too love adding yogurt to just about everything - it is awesome in soups too!

  2. Thanks for these awesome recipes. We're doing GAPS right now. I used to NEVER like plain yogurt, but two things have really helped me: Eating kefir. Eat plain kefir for a while, and eventually plain yogurt will taste pretty milk/good! :) (Kefir's pretty sour). The second is just keep eating it, and keep the sweets out. I now LOOOOOVVVVEEE plain yogurt. I could eat it by the spoonful. This principle works both ways - my kids LOOOOVVVEEE plain kefir now. Really, they do. I can't eat it b/c it causes too much die-off in my baby through the breastmilk, but kefir has much more good bacteria than yogurt, and is a power horse. Just keep eating it, and keep out the sweets as much as possible, and you can learn to like it! Really, not pretending to like it, but really crave it.