Thursday, March 11, 2010

Picture of the Week and Menu 3/10 to 3/17/10

I am changing my menu schedule to run Thursday through Wednesday so I can better take advantage of items on sale and incorporate them in my menu. Here are this weeks yummy meals...

D- Stuffed Peppers and Roasted Asparagus
Prep- make SCD Whipped Cream (save whey)

B- Yogurt Sundae with pineapple
D- Chicken Parmesan (recipe pending) and Roasted Asparagus with Green Salad
Prep- Make Jerky and Breadcrumbs

B- Lemon Poppyseed Muffins and Watermelon
D- Out for dinner (Pancakes and bacon for the kids)
Prep- Sprout Walnuts

B- Bacon and eggs
D- SCD Potroast

B- Chocolate Muffins and fried eggs
D- Beef Noodles and Ham Fried Rice (not an SCD meal)
Prep- Mayonnaise and Chicken Broth

B- Smoothie
L- Chicken Salad Stuffed Tomatoes
D- Fajita Salad (Fajitas with corn tortillas for the family)

B- Quiche
D- Meatloaf with green salad and mashed potatoes and gravy for the family
Prep- Candied Pecans

Beef Jerky
Chocolate Covered Cherries
Chocolate Raspberry Torte (recipe pending)
Carrot Cake or Cheesecake


  1. Just wondering what you do with the whey from the dripped yoghurt. I just throw mine away but i'd love to know if there was a good use.

  2. Hi Mike,
    I use the whey in homemade mayonnaise. It makes it thicken up and last longer. Here is a link to a post with the recipe. I add 2 T. whey.

    I have also seen it used in fermenting vegetables, here is a link to how to do that:

    Good luck!